Kat Germain

Education: Acting

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre, Acadia University

Acting Coaches: Colin Bernhardt, Michael Bawtree, Tessa Mendell, Trisha Lamie, Michael Hirschbach

Meisner Technique: John Riven

Interdisciplinary Theatre Creation Masterclass: Equity Showcase - Josette Bushell-Mingo (UK)

Interdisciplinary Theatre Creation: Back to Back Theatre (Australia) - Bruce Gladwin and Co.

Movement/ Dance Coaches: Victoria Goring, Louise Hoytt, Michael Hirschbach, Roxanne Deans

Ritual/Movement/Body Workshp: Mayahuel Tecozautla & Norma Araiza

Voice Coaches: Christian Potenza, Fides Krucker, Colin Bernhardt

Improvisation, Graduate: Second City Conservatory Program 
Longform: Impatient Theatre Co.

Improv Master Class: Joe Bill and Mark Sutton

He Said, She Said: Mark Sutton and Stacy Halal

Improv Diagnostic: Asaf Ronen

Musical Improv Workshop, Second City: Mike Descoteaux

Character Workshop, Second City: Lisa Brooke

Sketch Writing, Level 3 Sketch Writing at Second City - Jerry Schaefer

Film Workshop: Caglar Kimyoncu & Michael Achtman

Unarmed Martial Arts: Daniel Levinson

PAL/ Firearms Safety

Japan Snowball Fight Federation Class C Certified Umpire Certificate, Gunma Prefecture Snowball Fight League

Kat is a graduate of Acadia University's Theatre Program, the Second City Conservatory, and an alumna of the Impatient Theatre Company. She continues to hone her craft through several of Toronto’s acting studios, the bulk of which was spent studying Meisner with John Riven.





Intact Blind (2017)
The Determinist (2015)
Risk Assessment (2014)
Toronto The Good (2014)
Crossing Boundaries (2013)
Dirty Singles (2013)
I'll Follow You Down (2012)
Dirge (2012)
Unstoppable (2012)
The Conspiracy (2012)
Canadian Made (2012)
The Bank Manager (2011)
Small Town Murder Songs (2010)
Sixty Seconds of Regret (2008)
One Last Breath (2008)
Playing Cupid (2008)
This Beautiful City (2007)
Norm (2007)
The Gambler (2007)
Eight Years Ago (2006)
Chain Letter (2006)
mary. (2003)




Next Stage Theatre Festival’s 8 Wayfinding Guides (2020)
Just One Word (2020)
Power Plant Art Gallery Tour (2020)
Sunlight Vandalism (2020)
Haunting is an Act of Love (2020)
Provocation on Wheels (2020)
Bodies In Translation Guiding Principles Whiteboard Info Guide (2019)
Knitting (2018)
Shift (2018)
Me & You (2018)
Untitled film by Manuela Ferrari (2018)
Reading Blind (2018)
Untitled film by Janna Brown (2018)
Leaving Eustachian (2018)
Value Village (2018)
My Impossible Invulnerability (2018)
The Elephant in the Room (2018)
Untitled film by Nadine Cross (2018)
I Am a TAB (Temporarily Abled-Body) (2018)
Puzzle Piece (2018)
Untitled film by Kristen Mommertz (2018)
Words (2018)
Sound Cinema (2017)
Republic of Inclusion (2017)
Andre the Anti-Giant (2017)        
Share the Screen (2016)
Talking Movement Public Performance Excerpts (2016)
Talking Movement Workshop (2016)
Building Ensemble Workshop (2016)
Short Snappers (2016)
Perceptions (2015)         
29, 200 (2015)
Dirge (2014)




The Fatal Gazogene! (2012)
Porn Life (2007)
My Script and Me (2006)
Mutt Unleashed (2005)
Don’t Touch the Bang Bang Fruit (2005)
A Night at the Moulin Rouge (2004)




Harold Night                      
Theatre Sports                 
Toronto Improv Festival                                
Rallying the Troupes                      
ALTdot Sketch COMedy Lounge                
Hamilton Fridge Festival                               
Cougar Cabaret
Corktown Comedy
Artist's Play  (various)
Open Mic Night
A Night of Passion w/ Tina Vahn (various)
Midweek Mayhem
Toronto Live (various)
The Good Humour Bar
Riffin’ at the Griffin
Maxwell’s House
Dude, What's a Harold?
it's bender time!
Pirate Video Cabaret
Slap & Tickle present…
The Chumps’ Tuesday Night Improv Contest
All Canadian Theatre Sports




I Call Myself Princess (Paper Canoe Projects, Cahoots Theatre, Native Earth Performing Arts, 2018)
Coriolanus (Stratford Festival, 2018), Stratford, ON
To Kill a Mockingbird (Stratford Festival, 2018), Stratford, ON
Generally Hospital (Toronto Fringe, 2018)
foldA Festival (2018), Kingston, ON
Out the Window (Luminato, 2018)
Erin Ball: Aerial Wheelchair Performance (CATR, 2018), Kingston, ON
CATR Conference (2018), Kingston, ON
Flying Hearts (Femmes du feu, 2018)
After the Blackout (RARE Theatre & Soul Pepper, 2018)
TWEET TWEET! (Theatre Direct, 2018)
IDRC Co-Design Session (OCAD, 2018)
Crippled  (Power Productions, 2018), St. John’s NL
2018 FOOT (U of T, 2018)
Meeting Jessica Leung  (Tangled Art + Disability, 2017)
Jenelle Rouse: Solo  (Tangled Art + Disability, 2017)
Do You Know What You Are Doing Now? (Full Radius Dance,  2017), Atlanta, GA
ASTR Conference  (2017), Atlanta, GA
DRPI Summit (York U, 2017)
Undercover (Tarragon Theatre, 2017)
HEMI Convergence (York U, 2017)
What's Left of Us (Tangled Art + Disability, 2017)
Treasure Island (Stratford Festival, 2017), Stratford, ON
The School for Scandal (Stratford Festival, 2017), Stratford, ON
The Republic of Inclusion (National Arts Centre, 2017), Ottawa, ON
Drift Seeds (Red Dress Productions, 2017)
Body Politic (Lemon Tree Productions, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 2016)
Wheelchair Basketball, Toronto 2015 (ParaPan Am Games, 2015)
Tangled! Kids Fest (Tangled Art + Disability, 2015)
The Republic of Inclusion (National Arts Centre, 2015)
NK603: Action for Performer & E-maiz (Native Earth Performing Arts, 2014) 
What I learned from a decade of fear (Aluna Theatre, 2014)
Talking Movement (Picasso Pro, 2010)


Bio: Acting


Kat is a skilled and diverse actor who has been described as "spontaneous and versatile”, and whose characters are said to be "multi-textured" and "deeply vulnerable". She has performed on stage and screen in both dramatic and comedic roles.


Kat’s film work has been shown internationally and afforded her the opportunities to work formally and informally with numerous stars and up and comers from both sides of the camera and audio booth. Kat’s work in feature films includes Dirty Singles (2014), I'll Follow You Down staring Haley Joel Osment Erol and Gillian Anderson (2013), The Conspiracy starring Aaron Poole and James Gilbert (2012), Small Town Murder Songs starring Peter Stormare, Aaron Poole, Jill Hennessy and Martha Plimpton (2010) and This Beautiful City (2007).